A bloodless coup for suckers. Time to call the plumber.

Shellac to have a nickel? Shellac to have a dime?

The word of the day, boys and girls, is “shellac.” Even the president says that his Democratic party took a “shellacking” in Tuesday’s general elections. It wasn’t because voters had an unabiding affection for the Grand Old Party. Perhaps it is closer to the description written by John Dickerson of Slate, saying that the election was not so much a victory as it was voters throwing their hands up in the air.

But what are voters so pissed off at? Is it big government? Is it the deficit? Is the taxes raised by Obama? To begin to answer these questions, one must ask: Do you go to bed at night worrying about big government? Ditto the deficit. I bet it keeps millions up all night long. And the taxes. What taxes?

Welcome to America — Land of the All-Day Sucker!

The candidates selected Tuesday elevate the electorate from All-Day Sucker to All-Term Sucker.

This election has probably been the greatest propaganda job since Dr. Joe Goebbels and Kristallnacht. It started with the 24/7 saturation of anti-health care reform commercials on cable. Of course, you have the conservative talk machine on radio and Fox News as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Republican Party. The Tea Party was invented and the national media jumped on it like stink on s**t. The national news media had a ready-made drama and since they don’t like searching for the real Mr. Bigs of the operation they have plenty of Mr. Littles. The nuts, who mostly and thankfully weren’t elected, were just what the media needed for the Miracle Whip on top.

Hyperbole was the watchword of the day this mid-term election. And drama. News can no longer be explaining policy, it’s the drama that’s important. The public wants to know if Paris Hilton went panty-less last night so they also require something that will keep them entertained, but mostly worry, worry about politics. The national media chases the drama. Their suits chase the money. Oh my God, so much money, that the candidates spend on TV ads. Except at the local level, you hardly ever see a “My name is Joe Schmoe, I have done this and now I want to do that. My name is Joe Schmoe and I approve of this message.” Instead, you see a story that looks like it is real and may have some basis in reality, but is played by actors on the commercial, which is paid for by some entity of which you’ve never heard called “Americans for Growing a Sound and Sane Government.”

The voters have been suckered, ladies and gentlemen. Once again, Charlie Brown fell on his butt trying to kick the elusive football held by Lucy. You think you’d learn.

A good many voters were convinced Obama’s health care plan was heavy-handed or would change their current insurance plans, which continue to rip their customers off left and right. Others may have liked parts of the plan but were leery about how it was to be implemented.

Big money, big business, the  U.S. Chamber of Commerce, who now seeks to rule America, seized upon the unhappiness with so-called “Obamacare.” It didn’t help, of course, that the recovery from the greatest economic panic since the Great Depression was way too slow for the Americans who expect everything to be done yesterday. The powers that be, along with Goebbels’ own modern-day ideological ancestors, made the concerns and fear into their own little Holy War. “I want my country back,” says Clueless McEuless. Uh oh, where’d it go. Where’d they put my country?

This all sounds like a lot of paranoia, I know. Rightfully so. I can’t confirm all that is going on behind the scenes among the folks who engineered what in some countries might be called a “bloodless coup.”

Maybe it is paranoia but unlike those people who don’t sit up all night worrying about the deficit or big government, I have to sit up at night worrying if this Congress will try to take away my Veterans health care or at least put it in the hands of some Third-w0rld country. Am I ever going to see that damn orthopedic specialist or am I just supposed to walk around until my knee melts into a big lump o’ protoplasm?  I also worry whether those  who made threats of shutting down the government will do so, which will really make me stay up nights, wondering if the government will pay what they owe me or will my creditors run roughshod over me?

There is really nothing I can do about it now. Obviously, the politicians will not listen to me. People like my congressman for the last four or five years, Rep. Ted Poe,  surely aren’t listening. Our governor sure as Hell won’t listen, but he’ll probably run for president in 2012. Good Hair for President! Maybe a Moose Lady Sarah Palin–Good Hair Rick ticket. That would be perfect. The reality is that with Republicans in charge of our state government and the U.S. House, I am pretty much disenfranchised, in all but certain matters which require the assent of the Senate.

The onus is on you my friends. That is “onus” with an “o” an not with an “a.” You are the ones who wanted to “throw the bums out.” So you have to do your part to participate in government, or else, the government goes down stinking (yes, I said “stinking” and not “sinking” although I could see both terms applicable.) Save us from the big bad, government my opposition friends. Save us from ourselves.

Oh, and when you wake up some day and see what a mess that has been made by the bozos you elected, don’t despair. We all make mistakes. Some only cost us dollars. Others cost us dignity. Still others, like some folks who recently departed after almost a decade, cost us lives. It’s your problem now. It’s your time to call the plumber.

Right wing candidates behaving like drug cartel thugs

Some of the loudest squawking about illegal immigration is coming from the Right and specifically Tea Party types. Those same types are also using the drug cartel violence as a major reason for supporting moves such as mass deportation or imprisonments of illegal immigrants not to mention locking down the borders.

So perhaps it is ironic that some Tea Party candidates are using the same type of intimidation against reporters that has led to the deaths of more than 30 Mexican journalists in the past four years, according to the Committee to Protect Journalist. Nothing so extreme has come from the Right as killing reporters on el Norte side of the border, at least yet. But the recent roughing-up of an Alaska journalist who dared to ask Republican and Tea Party Senate Candidate Joe Miller a valid question at an event shows that the Right is not  above using violence to intimidate U.S. reporters.

Then you have the Republican and another Tea Partyier running for New York governor who threatened to “take out” a reporter. GOP candidate Carl Paladino became engaged in what was described as a near scuffle with a columnist who had been writing about his out-of-wedlock daughter.

What is even more shameful is the American public is letting this kind of behavior become the norm. Perhaps some in the public dislike the press or at least those who don’t report subjects slanted in their favor like the GOP state-run TV channel Fox News. Will this country have to resort to protection details for reporters like in Mexico? I can’t see U.S. journalists allowing that to happen because they rightfully don’t want to be subsidized by the government.

Yet, until some Americans start complaining about the behavior of these thug politicians and their entourages, we will tread more and more down the path being traveled by those journalists down South of the border. And where those reporters are increasingly ending up is not at all a pleasant destination.

Here is for change, or at least a stack of Benjamins

The Christian Science Monitor has a very good story I would suggest anyone who wants a real gut check on politics should read. The article is about the race between Democrat Andrew Cuomo — of the New York Cuomo’s — and Republican nut job Carl Paladino. Then you probably need to read the related story about just who this Carl Paladino is and why his campaign mail literally stinks. Now my recommendation isn’t because I give two hoots about the New York governor’s race. Albany is a nice town. I went there once, but I don’t think I want to live there.

Instead, the article looks at how the disillusioned voters in the country are grasping at straws for someone different, someone who will shake things up. I understand that but you have people like Carl Paladino, a rich real estate developer who is trying to buy a governorship, and whose solution to the “Ground Zero mosque controversy” is to take over the property by eminent domain. Who does that remind you of? The Ballpark in Arlington? Iraq? Torture? Spying on American citizens? You guessed it, Gee Dubya Bush.

Christine O’Donnell, running for the U.S. Senate seat on the GOP ticket in Delaware, is at least giving us some red-faced chuckles a minute. Witchcraft? Masturbation? Jeez, her campaign needs to come with an “R” rating.

The crux of the biscuit is that people do want genuine change. They elect whomever is different, or at least who they think is different. But then the person they elect turns out to be the same old crook  or the same old hack doing the bidding for his or her special interest. It’s all the same Brothers and Sisters. Why I didn’t even know our “illustrious” Congressman Judge Ted Poe has a Libertarian opponent. But he does, David Smith, who is described by political guide Politics1.com as a “software developer and Tea Party activist.” I am not a Ted Poe fan. I think he spends too much time railing on whatever is the right-wing cause of the day, mainly those danged Mexicans, when he could be helping his district. So a Libertarian doesn’t sound all that bad. Smith even has some great ideas, more Utopian than reality, when it comes to veterans health care. How he proposes to pay for these great ideas make no sense whatsoever. Plus, there is the Tea Party thing. Man, let me tell you when you have someone to the right of Ted Poe running against him, it is like Pogo said: “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

I know you want change. I want change. Actually, I’ll take big bills even. Hundreds if you got ’em. I had no illusions Obama was going to bring any major change to the office of president and politics in Washington. I was right. But at least we don’t have President John McCain, or God Forbid, President Sarah Palin. Just don’t be fooled when your Tea Party stamp-of-approval candidate gets elected and gets caught with his or her hand in the cookie jar or with his foot in the adjacent men’s room stall. The more things change in Washington, the more they remain things.

Tea anyone?

If you want an analysis about the elections today in the Northeast then get it here on the Washington Post’s site. Those folks might be a bit biased, but so what? You need to know what all sides are thinking if you are going to be informed about politics. And right now, cable TV just isn’t cutting it. Sure, you get both sides, but I am talking all sides because there are more than two sides to politics, especially this year.

You have your defined left and moderates in the Democratic Party, no matter that Limbaugh says all Democrats are far left radicals. You also have moderates in the GOP, although their own sometimes will call them RHINOs, Republicans in Name Only. Then, there is the Tea Party, which has, unfortunately, become known as the insane arm of the Republican Party. I say unfortunately because those Tea Partyiers who started off with fairly reasonable ideas now have become lost in the crowd of the real nut jobs. And in reality, the nuts are not really going anywhere except down in defeat this November. The GOP will be fortunate if the TPs don’t take them along for the ride.