Electric lady parrot

It’z damn hard typing without the ‘ezz’ key. You know, “like q, r, ezz, t, u, v.” The ‘ezz’ key is missing. No it’s not. There it is. My friend’s parrot likes to peck keys on computer keyboards. I don’t know if this is common behavior for a parrot. But then again I don’t know if it is common behavior for a person to let his parrot continually demolish keyboards. A computer mouse is now hanging from Gabby’s cage. Gabby is the parrot. Arrgh. Oh, parrot. Not pirate. The mouse is a stark reminder not to chew those little tan cords, especially the ones through which great galloping gallons of energy flow. I am tired. I will continue the job hunt tomorrow. Hopefully I will remember to take off at noon to catch Trish Murphy, who is playing for free at Bill’s Records. The address:
Bill’s Records
8118 Spring Valley Road
Dallas TX

Maybe the pope in Rome

I like the name “Pope Benedict XVI” even though I am not a Catholic. I wondered after John Paul I died if there would be a Pope George Ringo.

Spanky meets the Lege

What in the world is up in the Texas Legislature? Well, that is a good question each and every time that wise bunch of folks get together.

Rep. Harold Dutton, D-Houston, has some good ideas. His bill, passed by the House, allowing corporal punishment by parents or whomever is not one of them. I was spanked as a kid. But I think loving parents had more to do with how I developed who I am today than being swacked with a switch. I remember getting paddled in school for talking in class. Talk about your plagues on society — talking when you are not supposed to is right up there. If we could just pass a bill to whack people talking on cell phones in restaurants or other public venues.

Welcome to my daydream

I made my escape from Waco and now am hiding out at an undisclosed location in North Texas. This is a moveable feast, so we’ll see what happens.

Here is the lowdown. I don’t care about your politics. Hell, I don’t care about my own politics. I just want to stay engaged and see where life might take me. So don’t complain that I don’t know enough about something to make a comment. Obviously, I know enough to make a comment. I may not know more than that. Eh?