¿Cómo se le dice strike uno?

A federal judge in Arizona has struck down some of the most controversial parts of that state’s new law that would require state and local law enforcement officers to check the immigration status of those who have been stopped. This is just the first strike in what will likely be several stops in court. Of course, it could end up in the Supreme Court and the law might be totally upheld because of that court’s conservative majority. Remember the “election” of President Bush?

The requirement that a local police officer check the immigration status of someone they have detained for traffic or other reasons makes no sense other than the dislike for one’s skin being a different color. Should this law eventually get the go-ahead, how many Latinos “born in the U.S.A.,” as Mr. Springsteen once sang, will be arrested and go to jail for nothing but being Latino? It doesn’t just threaten those of darken skin shades. Local police officers have different ways of interpreting different laws and sometimes those interpretations are wrong. So ask yourself this: Is the wrongful arrest of your son or daughter or grandchild worth your wrath over those who are here illegally?

That’s something to think about, Jedge.