This is where I wash myself down a hole

My teams have all been beaten bloody during the past couple of weeks. First was the Rangers being clobbered by San Francisco in the former’s first World Series appearance. Next, the Texans who soundly beat Indianapolis during their first NFL game of the season couldn’t get it done a second time. Then, the election.

Had I not been surrounded over my birthday weekend — last weekend — by three hot women (enjoy Tere! ) at a condo on the beach in Galveston I would have to say “Life sucks.” Now don’t take that last statement wrong. I don’t really believe even when my life pretty much does suck that it is all bad. Someone’s life is always worse than yours. People are much poorer than you. People have two swollen knees that constantly hurt instead of one. Some people can’t even walk. I can. Not as much as I  once was able to, but I’m still standing.

I am sure one or two people would like to know more about those hot women on the beach, but I’m not telling. Nor am I telling how I put to use my emergency medical skills remembered from EMT training more than 20 years past.

The fact is the mid-term political outcome will have, perhaps, some widespread consequence whereas the result of sports games only will be felt in a much more provincial realm. Whatever that means. Even if the Republicans have taken over the U.S. House of Representatives I can only smile at those who cast their votes for that to happen. I smile because people get the politicians they deserve. Gee Dubya Bush. I rest my case.

Americans are a pretty stubborn lot so even though they may sometime in the future be kicking themselves in the ass for the votes they cast this mid-term, they will do it quietly and never let it be known they are wrong. Remember? Being Republican means never having to say you’re sorry?

Yes, Errol  Brown, Every 1’s a Winner. Even the Losers, Tom Petty, Even the Losers. Wikipedia says Hot Chocolate is still playing in Europe and the UK. Jamaican-born Brown, MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) turns 62 one week from today. I’m sure all you discophiles will be glad I passed along that information. Petty, who has not been honored by British royalty as far as I know, recently turned 60. Petty was, however, the featured  halftime performer at Super Bowl XLII.

So even when you lose you win and sometimes you win and lose, which is called a “wash” I suppose. I hate writing myself into a hole so I shall just end right here.