I am I said helps Hurricane Ike victims

Did you ever read about a frog who dreamed of being a king and then became one? Well, no. Not that I can recall.

Neil Diamond may have thrown out some esoteric lines in songs he has written over the past however many decades, as in the lines above from “I am I said.” This makes me wonder, in reality, I am, I said? No, I guess I am not I didn’t say. He was, he said. But he said he was. Oh well, you can’t always hit a home run.

I have pretty much liked Neil Diamond’s music since the 1960s. Some of his songs sound better sung by others such as “Solitary Man” rendered by Chris Issak. And, of course,  Diamond’s “I’m a Believer” just isn’t believable if it isn’t done by the Monkees. Nevertheless, even though millions of younger people may say “who?” when mentioning Neil Diamond, he is, I say, a very durable entertainer.

What gives entertainers additional, or perhaps some will say, I said, true worth, is what they do beyond writing and singing songs, playing pro basketball or hosting a talk show. I’m just saying. I said. Diamond’s worth has probably risen considerably by some of my neighbors lately. When I say neighbors, I said, I mean people who live in my neck of the woods, or Gulf Coast. The point is Diamond has used money from merchandise sold at his concerts to build 12 homes for families who lost theirs’ during Hurricane Ike last year.

Tommorow, a couple who live on the Ike-ravaged Oak Island –north of the Bolivar Peninsula — will move into the first home to be built thanks to Diamond’s largess. Diamond has a history of helping others and decided to assist those whose homes had been obliterated last year when Ike struck.

So say what you will about Neil Diamond and his songs. I like a lot of his songs and have for years. But it’s nice to hear of someone putting their talents into something really worthwhile.