I would love to tour the South land, in a traveling Corvette show

Eight Feet Deep has been on annual leave, vacation, this week. Next week EFD will undergo annual training for stewards of the union to which I belong.

I have hoped to use part of this week to figure out in a more precise manner how I should go about my feature after and before retiring from my part-time job that provides me a full-time income. But no, one of my college friends from North Central Texas — that’s not the college, it is the region from which so many of my college friends hailed and now remain — and I have been traipsing around the South and Mideastern U.S. areas of our nation.

Right now I am in a Bowling Green, Kentucky, motel room enjoying not riding for hours on end in a Corvette. I mean Corvettes are a feat of great engineering, but I don’t own one and I have some mobility troubles from a a variety of neuro and arthritic issues which make it a little difficult to get in and out of a Corvette. Also, riding in one for hours is not as fun for old men passengers like me as opposed to old men driving “Vettes.”

Oh, and our being in Bowling Green in a Corvette is no coincidence, as this isn’t my bud”s first “Vette.”

Later when I return to kind of home.