Spanky meets the Lege

What in the world is up in the Texas Legislature? Well, that is a good question each and every time that wise bunch of folks get together.

Rep. Harold Dutton, D-Houston, has some good ideas. His bill, passed by the House, allowing corporal punishment by parents or whomever is not one of them. I was spanked as a kid. But I think loving parents had more to do with how I developed who I am today than being swacked with a switch. I remember getting paddled in school for talking in class. Talk about your plagues on society — talking when you are not supposed to is right up there. If we could just pass a bill to whack people talking on cell phones in restaurants or other public venues.

Welcome to my daydream

I made my escape from Waco and now am hiding out at an undisclosed location in North Texas. This is a moveable feast, so we’ll see what happens.

Here is the lowdown. I don’t care about your politics. Hell, I don’t care about my own politics. I just want to stay engaged and see where life might take me. So don’t complain that I don’t know enough about something to make a comment. Obviously, I know enough to make a comment. I may not know more than that. Eh?