Time to leave the right behind in hc reform?

It appears Team Obama is studying the abandonment of a bipartisan approach to health care reform. That is probably the wise choice although one wishes such a decision would have popped up before Congress recessed for the month which would have spared us all the right-wing histrionics and flat-out lies.

What also seems a step behind by the Obama camp is a concentrated effort to refute many of the more outrageous lies which have been spread such as that of Sarah Palin’s “death panels.” One has to wonder, though, whether efforts to set the record straight are just preaching to the choir no matter that the Obamanistas want their followers to spread the word. The fact that the answers to the numerous lies are documented on the pro-healthcare reform Web site and are pretty well spelled correctly would make one wonder if the folks who believe these lies would find such explanations as suspicious.

Many who buy the lies about proposed health care reform also accept some of the most outrageous and unfounded statements which the high-powered special interests are trying to foist upon the public. Such statements are what bring people to shrilly exclaim at townhall meetings before the TV cameras that: “I want my country back the way it was before it changed!”

Before it changed? Perhaps you want it back the way it was before a black guy was elected president. Or what about the way it was before white women was allowed the vote?

And socialism. Hell’s bells. Are those who are saying our nation is turning socialist the ones who support Medicare for themselves or their parents? Are they the ones who want jail sentences for those who are caught driving with no liability insurance? That is the state making one buy insurance for cars. But the nation will turn socialist if health care becomes universal. Go figure.

The Democrats of the House and Senate should go it alone on insurance reform. They will never be supported by their Republican opponents and the more the right does their bidding for the powerful special interests our civil discourse will even more be endangered of becoming a relic of bygone days.