49 or 8 to 4

Like that old Chicago Transit Authority (the band now known as Chicago to you young whippersnappers,) song of yore, I am talking about the time in the early morning. I am not trying to write a song or whatever those band hippies of the 60s were doing, as chronicled in the Chicago hit “25 or 6 to 4.” The time I started writing this was 49 or 48 minutes until 4 a.m. No, what I am doing is known as “messing with my blog.”

I’ve been struggling with loading a “comments plug-in” on my blog. It was a whole lot easier doing things in the olden days. I’m talking about when Blogspot was around for free. But folks figured out how to make money with this damned interweb thing. Why my TV is even internet and there are some channels free but not a whole tortilla stack of them. I was discussing with a Facebook acquaintance watching live-stream major league baseball when in reality all I really care for is the Houston Astros. But here is the shenanigan, even if you pay $60-100 a year to watch live-stream baseball game, your Astro game may be blacked out, not only here in Beaumont, Texas, some 85 miles away from the “Juice Box” a.k.a. Minute Maid Park where Houston plays. You may get a blacked-out game in Baltimore or as I did in Oakland.

Time to do some or the joys I had in life as a writer, even though I’m not being paid for it. I’m retired and mostly disabled, at least for the time being. So I have the Comments connected below the blog post, something I got tired of with people bitching when all I wanted to do was have a couple of adult beverages and enjoy the afternoon. Now, if I get tired of people saying nasty things about me or my writing, I will just respond in kind or make them disappear into the blogosphere.

Got to go, it’s now 42 or 3 t0 4.

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