30 Seconds Over Beaumont

For the last 30 minutes I have been hearing this plane flying around. I’m used to helicopters since I’m only two blocks from St. Elizabeth hospital. But this airplane sounded unusually low and unusually noisy.

Once it appeared flying directly overhead (really low) I could see that it is a fast twin-engine job and is spraying, what I hope is for mosquitoes. We’re in deep doo if they aren’t spraying for mosquitoes.

I heard the other day that the local mosquito control district had detected several mosquitoes in their sampling around Beaumont (Texas) with West Nile Virus. The critters hadn’t been too bad lately because because it had been so hot and dry. But with the rain we’ve had they will likely be coming out in their typical Southeast Texas, saber-tooth fashion. I’ve been forgetting to put on the DEET the last two mornings I’ve gone for a walk. I think I will remember tomorrow morning.

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