Rangers to the rescue. What a riot!

When one makes a rough-and-tumble, shoot-em-up about Texas it would seem that somewhere into the picture would ride the Texas Rangers. That is even if it is only “Walker, Texas Ranger,” as played by Chuck Norris.

220px-Chuck_Norris But while the storied law enforcement unit — more accurately the investigative arm of the Texas Department of Public Safety — might make for a good movie some wonder how well they will fare against banditos who don’t even pass their way?

Certain local officials from the Mexican border areas of Texas are wondering the same thing. More precisely they are asking something akin to WTF?

goodhair Gov. Rick “No One Has Hair As Pretty As Mine” Perry has ordered a special task force of Texas Rangers to the Texas-Mexico border. The governor has also asked President Obama for more National Guard soldiers — funny thing since Perry seemed to be pushing for Texas secession awhile back at Tea Parties — to combat Mexican drug cartel violence. Then, there was that thing about Perry not accepting federal stimulus money for the state awhile back.

Leaders of some local government entities along the border say, however, that the drug violence or other criminal activity from Mexico is not spilling over into Texas.

That Perry is seeking another term as governor and faces a vicious GOP primary battle with U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison surely wouldn’t be cause for sending the Rangers to the border. Maybe he ought to send Chuck along for the extra manpower. That is, if secessionist Chuckles doesn’t end up running for governor (or president) of Texas.