Here’s hoping a storm doesn’t Richard us around

Everyone who matters in the world of weather in my region seemed to have pretty much said this year’s hurricane season is dead. The best local TV weatherman said so. The second-best local TV weatherman said so. Even the lousiest local TV weatherman said so.

To top it off, even the real professionals from the National Weather Service office in Lake Charles told me so in person just about two weeks ago. A couple of forecasters from the NWS had a little booth set up at the fire festival and Dog-Tober-Fest in downtown Beaumont on Oct.  9. I asked them point blank if you could stick a fork in the hurricane season here and they said yes.

I hope they are right. That does not prevent me from looking at a tropical weather system that is centered about 160 miles southwest of Grand Cayman. The National Hurricane Center gives the low about a  70 percent chance of becoming a tropical cyclone over the next 48 hours. If named, it would be — sigh — Richard. That would be really unfortunate wouldn’t it, Dick? Why yes, it  would.

The computer “spaghetti” models on Weather Underground have the budding storm going here there and everywhere, even in the general direction of Texas and Louisiana. Let’s hope not. We should hope all our weather guys are right and you can close the barn door on this year’s hurricane season. You see, I’m on vacation and I’ve got, at least, a few plans. I hate to sound selfish, but if not me, then who?