Is something out there? Maybe it’s an extracted molar

This afternoon I went to a new dentist and had what I consider as the world’s record for a dental office visit for a tooth extraction or anything else for that matter. I went right in, the doctor was the only person who works there. He yanked my extremely loose back molar and the whole thing took 30 minutes from the time I entered until I exited. The visit went so fast that I forgot to ask him the question I had intended to: Where do all those teeth go when you pull them? Do sell them to jewelers who make chains to sell in foreign countries? Are they gathered up and put onto a rocket and shot into outer space? It would make sense. Unless they are recycled. I mean, we are running out of landfill space. I know this because I once served on a sanitary landfill task force in an East Texas county.

I say all that because I came across this article. I hardly ever read Women’s Day and I seldom read or listen to anything about UFOs, but I found this story … well, I found this story. So check it out. My mouth is still numb and I have a hard time thinking straight when my mouth is numb. I don’t know why. So don’t ask me.