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Susan, get outta my head! Posted by Hello

Okay, this is really strange. I don’t know whether it’s the stress of being unemployed (get a job, shaaa, na-naa-na, shaaa, na-naa-na-na, Baa-doo)or if it was something I ate last night. But I had this dream in which I was on the cops beat in a newsroom and I had to write about some event that was mostly insignificant in my mind. To get the information for this short, brief, whatever, I had to interview CNN reporter Susan Candiotti. Susan, whom I met in real life while covering the Abu Ghraib abuse trial at Fort Hood of Pvt. Charles Graner a couple of months ago, was giving interviews in my dream like crazy to every newspaper or TV reporter in sight. I never could catch her though, until she was headed with her photographer for the truck. I called out for her and she gave me an inteview. Unfortunately, she also turned into a very soft-spoken horse that I was having trouble understanding. I am not making this up. Well, it was a dream, so it wasn’t real. But it seemed real. And Auntie Em, you were there too!

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