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Leslie and no visible thong Posted by Hello

Many of the bloggers in my fair state of Tejas seem to be promoting their early favorites for the governor’s race. All of the possible candidates I have heard mentioned have their positive points. Gov. Rick: Man, best hairdo this side of Jimmy Johnson. Kay Bailey Hutchison: She once used my restroom. Kinky Friedman: A genuine Texas Jewboy character. Chris Bell: Skewered Tom DeLay with an ethics complaint.

It is too early to pick my favorite. Since my presidential candidate, Willie Nelson, didn’t get elected, I will leave him to his singing, selling BioWillie and whatever the hell else he might be doing. But may I suggest a dark horse candidate — Leslie Cochran.
For those of you who are unfamiliar with Leslie, a description from Wikipedia :

Leslie Cochran is the most famous street person from Austin, Texas. He is an outspoken critic of police treatment of the homeless in the downtown Austin area. Many consider him to be the epitome of the “Keep Austin Weird Campaign.”

Leslie hangs out around Sixth Street in Austin, usually around Sixth and Congress during business hours. He is most frequently seen wearing women’s clothing. His most popular attire is his leopard thong and high heels. In 2000 Leslie ran for mayor against incumbent Kirk Watson and finished second. His popularity waned in the 2003 election because of his platform to house the homeless in tepees.

I couldn’t in good conscience publish a picture of Leslie in his thong, not so much that I worry about anyone’s sensibilities, but rather that my breakfast has not quite settled. I think Leslie would be a logical choice for governor. He knows the area around the Capitol and the Governor’s Mansion as good as anyone. And just because he may dress a little odd and be delusional at times, that doesn’t disqualify him as governor of Texas. Hell, does anyone remember Bill Clements? I won’t endorse Leslie just yet. However, I think he should be put out there as a potential candidate.

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