A 90-day wonder

Today marks the 3-month anniversary of “eight feet deep.” What was started as a means for an unemployed journalist to keep his writing skills somewhat in tact has turned into some sort of labor of love. I haven’t developed a large readership. But that’s okay with me. I have some loyal readers and others who check in from time-to-time. Mostly those reading are my friends.

I didn’t know if I would be able to stick with the blog. But so far, I have and we’ll see what happens in the future. With that said, I came across a great piece of news early this morning during yet another bout with insomnia. I found out that Tom Robbins has a new book coming out next month called “Wild Ducks Flying Backwards.” It is a combination of previously published journalistic pieces he wrote for a number of magazines along with some short stories and unpublished poetry. (Note: I can’t link directly to the page about the new book but you can get there through searching for Tom Robbins on the above link. Sorry.)

Although “Ducks” will not be a new novel, I still look forward to it because a new Robbins book is cause for celebration. He only comes out with one every few years and those books he has written offer wonderfully humorous expositions of this life and others through the eyes of someone who writes as if he invented language.

I eagerly await the new Robbins work.

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