A cig-free 13 years. EFD don’t preach.

Here I am burned out from the week, waiting for the local TV news. I don’t know why. But one thing I do know. I am not smoking cigarettes, or anything else, for that matter.

This is my 13th anniversary of a smoke-free existence. I am not here to preach nor to teach. Folks smoking don’t bother me. I decided that when I quit smoking I wouldn’t be one of those “holier than thou” ex-smokers. And I haven’t been, as far as I know. Yes, a lot of people together smoking can get to me, but if it bothers me I can always get up and leave. I’ve seen such silly behavior of ex-smokers.

No miracles really came about from my smoking cessations. Well, maybe the ability to better enjoy the smell or taste of food. I see how some people get fat from quitting. That isn’t why I got fat. It’s really too complicated to explain. I’ve also smelled bad things much easier than when I was smoking.

It was funny how, when I worked as a firefighter, my co-workers and I would all pull out a cig after extinguishing a fire. Smoke, smoke, smoke that cigarette.

But I tell you this: if cigarettes didn’t have the great number of negative effects, I’d pull one out and light one up right away. If you couldn’t discern five or six different flavors when you eat a really great meal, I’d sure as shootin’ smoke one just afterwards for a post-meal cig.

Yeah, yeah, cigarettes will give you all kinds of diseases. So will life. My best friend died of cancer at the age of 43. It was from anal cancer. He smoked every now and then, but not nearly for the years I did. He didn’t, as far as I know, stick a cigarette up his butt either.

So why am I not preaching to you about how cigarettes are so bad? If you smoke, and you don’t know that already, then you are pretty much an idiot. That’s why.