A crime and a suspect

Apparently a crime took place at my small apartment complex last evening as a friend and I went out for dinner and a movie.

A bedroom window in the apartment facing South was smashed out in what neighbors said was an attempt to gain entrance. The apartment is empty. One neighbor said he got a good look at the suspected burglar, whom he said looked like the same guy who had a month or so earlier stopped by the apartment and was trying to open one of the mailboxes. That same neighbor said he made a report to the police about the attempted break-in.

Let me just say that I find this information somewhat dubious. It is obvious that the glass was broken and that the landlord had stopped by to cover the window until new glass could be installed. I don’t want to libel anyone, but I find the activity the neighbor reported as one of a growing string of bizarre incidents around this five-apartment complex.

These incidents have included a burglary and theft of a wallet from an automobile parked behind the apartments next door, as well the theft of a birthday card that I had intended to mail to a friend. I have a suspect and I will not disclose exactly where in the neighborhood this man lives, but I will say it’s too damn close to me. This man is a registered child molester who also has a lengthy rap sheet for auto burglary. Too many strange occurrences have taken place since this paroled felon moved in nearby.

I would like to give someone who did their time in the pen the benefit of the doubt, but I’m not really a big fan of child molesters or burglars. So I will continue to watch him and hope that if he slips up it will be from his propensity to steal rather than molest children. And will I drop a quarter on him should he falter? You bet your ass.

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