A day in the life of EFD


I thought I would let readers tag along for an exciting afternoon of running errands with eight feet deep. I don’t know where this bus was headed. Well, I do know or strongly suspect it was going to Interstate 10. Whether it went east or west after that I don’t know. I decided at a red light to snap a picture of the bus. I can’t imagine what the bus driver might have thought. He probably said: “That guy has way too much time on his hands.”

After lunch at Rio Rita’s, I stopped at Pipkin Park which is next to the Port of Beaumont and decided to take a photo of this dude. I really should have written his name down. Now I have to look on the Internet to see if I can figure out the guy in the statue. Well, I couldn’t find it. Sorry. Let’s just call him Oscar for right now. Oscar seems like a good name for a statue.

This is where discriminating exotic dancers go for their get-ups and get karate lessons while they are at it. I didn’t get out. I just thought it was an interesting combination of businesses.

I went to the mall but didn’t go inside. I figured I would never get anything done wandering around Books-a-Million or some such. Check out the clouds though. It came a hellacious rain and thunderstorm. A “frog-strangler” as we call such a weather event in these parts.

So now I am back at home. That’s my exciting Friday afternoon. It usually isn’t as exciting as this. So you all were indeed lucky to be with me on one of the more eventful days of my alleged life.

Well, I must be going. I think I need to clip my toenails or something. No I guess I’ll wait. I don’t believe I can tolerate that much excitement in one day.

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