A dog whipped my ass. A beer-drinking story.

Variety is the spice of life, or something like it. I got out of town for the weekend before visiting my neurologists on Monday. The docs are docs. What can I say? But the two days prior, evening and days, were pretty cool.

On Friday evening and all day Saturday, I hung out with one of my best college-era friends. Warren and I met toward the end of my next-to-the-last semester. The spring, my last semester, was the only one I felt as if I lived the life of a stereotypical college student. I had resigned my job as a firefighter the previous year and my last semester was one in which I felt I experienced more fun than was legal.

I have to give my geology-major friends John K. and Warren for the other friends I made during that semester, including my friend Clay, who is now a radiologist. Warren has a Ph.D. in Geophysics or something lofty like that. I am proud of my friends and their accomplishments, even if it doesn’t include a doctorate.

I've got swingin' tails to the jukebox and the bar stool. Or how an Irish setter beat my ass multiple times.
I’ve got swingin’ tails to the jukebox and the bar stool. Or how an Irish setter beat my ass multiple times.

My friend, Warren and I, hung out a lot over the next couple of years after we graduated from college. I sort of introduced him to his now wife. Well, Stacy lived in the same collection of rental properties as I did. His visits to see me resulted in what was a pretty rapid ritual of “courting.” Dude, that sounds ancient doesn’t it?

I had a great time visiting my friends in Houston over the weekend, that couple who became a couple more than 30  years ago. We went to a brew pub in the area that is northwest of Houston, Karbach Brewing Co. Well, maybe more than a brew pub. There is a restaurant there although we just went for the beer. And the beer we did!

We arrived early at the “Biergarten” and found the friend of my friends who met up with us. It wasn’t long until the Biergarten was full of hipsters and a few old farts such as my friends and I. As much beer as I had consumed in my 20s, I had never experienced this type of scene. Here are the specifics from the Karbach of admission, cost and types of beer:

Admission is $8 for a 9 oz glass and 4 tokens or $12 for a pint and 3 tokens.  TOKENS ARE REDEEMABLE FOR BIERGARTEN ONLY, NOT RESTAURANT AND PATIO. Additional tokens may be purchased for:

9 oz Classics – $3
9 oz Specialty – $5
16 oz Classics – $4.5
16 oz Specialty – $6.5
9 oz FUN – $6.5

Well, I finally figured that out and found a beer to my liking. I am not a fan of dark beer nor bitter. Sure, I know it isn’t hip to dislike craft beer. And I am not dissing craft. I found a Pilsner that stuck with me, Zee German Pils.

There was good music playing, good shade on a sunny spring day. And the place was definitely dog-friendly.

I could definitely say after those two or three hours spent drinking beer resulted in this 60-year-old in getting plenty of tail. Or I could say I had my ass beat by an Irish setter. These young folks sitting in the picnic tables next to us had a beautiful Irish. I have always loved Irish setters. Their color knocks me out and usually the breed have a temperament is outstanding. My first dog as an adult was a half-black Lab and half Irish setter. He became a small black Lab-looking, wonderful companion, whose name was Pedro.

The dog next door to us in the biergarten was a nice doggie, friendly and good-natured. But our seating was such that this red dog was mostly situated where his constantly-wagging tail whupped me upside my butt. Oh well, I have had worse dog experiences.

This brewery is a cool experience for an old former American beer drinker. Try something new, especially if you can do it with friends. And if a place lets friendly dogs inside, that will likely be a pretty good location to sit a spell and drink beer.

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