A good idea for veterans that could be made even better

Each year it seems that more and more businesses are honoring for Veterans Day those who serve or have served in the U.S. military. Several years ago active duty service members and veterans could go into only a couple of places such as Golden Corral and get a free meal. Now the numbers of places offering free or discounted goods or meals have expanded.

Just a short while ago I received an e-mail from Chili’s which is offering some free entrees to veterans and those who currently serve to make up “for all those MREs,” or Meals Ready to Eat.

“Come in Thursday, November 11, and get your free choice of one of six great entrees, none of which are served in vacuum-sealed plastic bags, or even require hydration! You’ve served your country. Now we look forward to serving you!”

It’s a pretty sharp marketing tool as well as a sentiment that I am sure will bring a few chuckles. It must be said, though, that while we didn’t have MREs when I served, I did eventually go through a box of them given to me by the Texas National Guard during Hurricane Rita. I found a lot of the MREs pretty good groceries, though I can see how eating them day-after-day would be a major pain.

Chili’s joins those who this year say thanks to those who serve:

Thanks to Bobbi Gruner, Michael E. DeBakey Veterans Hospital, Houston, public affairs officer, for the bulleted info.

I have to add that while I am grateful that all of these businesses and entities are showing their appreciation for military and ex-military, I really commend Home Depot for their discounts every day for veterans and active duty personnel that were once reserved for special holidays. I think these discounts and freebies are a  bandwagon that more businesses should climb upon.  It’s not like asking the local Chevy day to give vets a free Vette! Although if they want to give me one I will be happy to give them my phone number.

It might take a city council meeting or two but how much is a city going to lose to let their veterans ride free on the local bus or subway on Veterans Day? Some companies offer so-called “Veterans Discount” but it is something you have to pay for before you can receive.

Companies and government aren’t the only ones who could show their love for military and veterans a little more on Veterans Day. I have suggested this here before but I will do it again. If you see a military man or someone you know who is a veteran, offer to  pay for their meal, or just do it!

At the very least, say “thank you” to veterans and military folks, either those you know or even those you don’t. They deserve it. Oh, and I am not saying that just because I am a veteran. Certainly many did much more than I ever thought about doing in the service. I just served and am glad I did. An early “Happy Veterans Day” expression from “Double-Nickle Dick” of EFD.