A November surprise?

The president attempts to convince a young T-ball player that U.S. troops should remain in Iraq.

It seems as if old Gee Dubya has gotten us into a big, unsolvable mess in Iraq. The majority of Americans wants our troops out of Iraq yesterday. What the hell are they yelling about? Many of those same ones drank the Kool Aid and believed Saddam had WMDs when it all got started.

The truth is, or so it seems, that there is no good way for our troops to leave Iraq without a solid military conclusion. And that doesn’t seem possible short of either withdrawing and then dropping atomic bombs on Iraq or sending our entire military and mercenary forces there and show them what a jihad is all about. But both solutions, neither of which I am at all fond of, thankfully seem likely.

Being ever the cynic that my friends say I am, I have long thought that Bush will announce sometime — perhaps a week before the 2008 presidential election — that regardless of the status of the war, we achieved victory in Iraq. This will be followed by the first troops leaving on the Monday before that General Election day. Hell, he’ll probably march old Osama out around that time too.

I don’t know where my friends get it that I am such a cynical person. Oh well.

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