A pause that refreshes or something like it

Photo by Mary R. Vogt and courtesy of morgueFile.

It is a nasty, dreary day. I have been trying to make some headway on a story I am writing for a publication. I am pleased to report I’ve made some headway, but yet here I am pecking out malarkey on EFD.

In between working and not working and working again and not working again, I have thought about wanting something to drink. I have finally narrowed the choices down between some lemon Celestial Seasons tea and some sort of soft drink. The problem, or make that one problem, is I would have to go to the store to buy a soft drink. And as I may have mentioned, it’s nasty outside.

My other problem is choosing which soft drink I would buy. I thought about Mr. Pibb, but I don’t think it has been sold under that name for years. Besides, I never liked Mr. Pibb. I recall that it tasted like bog water strained through athletic socks. Or worse.

The truth be told, I’m not much of a soft drink fan anymore. When I was a kid I used to slam ice-cold 6 1/2-oz. bottles of Coca-Cola down one after another. I also was quite a fan of Fanta at one time during the 1960s. I don’t know why. I later found out out Fanta was first bottled by Coca-Cola in Nazi Germany although its arrival on the scene was apparently not aimed at developing a master Fanta-drinking race.

At some point in time, I came to like Dr. Pepper, even though I heard a lot of people say it tasted like prune juice. When I was in elementary school I used to see kids put peanuts (shelled ones) in their Dr. Pepper. I don’t know, this too was in the 60s. Maybe they were getting stoned on it, like people who licked toads were supposed to get high. I still drink a Dr. Pepper every now and then, so I think it is rather funny that I never once visited the Dr. Pepper Museum in the seven years I lived in Waco. Big Red also hails from Waco. I’m talking about the soda, not Lucille Ball. I still don’t put peanuts in Dr. Pepper. Nor in Big Red for that matter.

Come to think of it, a root beer wouldn’t be so bad right now. I used to fancy Barqs Root Beer. It was just a local brand when I was stationed in Gulfport, Miss. How far it has strayed from its roots. I have had a few Dads Root Beers, which is bottled by the same company as Moxie. Unfortunately, I always thought that Dads Root Beer lacked moxie. Har har.

R.C. Cola was always known as a big Southern soda water. But I never drank much of it. I never was a big Moon Pie fan either.

Two of the worst soft drink ideas in my estimation are Yoo Hoo and New Coke. Chocolate is okay. Even chocolate syrup is okay on a sundae or a Monday for that matter. But a chocolate soft drink? I don’t know. It just doesn’t seem right. The same goes for the New Coke. Not only does it not seem right, it just isn’t right. I think the Coke people picked up on that.

Actually, the last soft drink I can remember drinking was a Jarritos Limon. I bought a 2-liter bottle at the Mercado La Familia in Beaumont while I was still living there. A little bit of Jarritos goes a long way.

Well, there are so many choices that I spent all of my break time thinking about them, so going to the store to buy a soft drink has become a moot point. I guess I will have the tea.

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