A plan for a blustery day

It is a blustery day her on the upper Texas coast and a quite cold one at that. One hears people quite frequently refer to a day as “blustery” and sometimes I come to the conclusion that they are mistaken to some degree as to what the word means. Dictionary.com refers to the term as a form of “bluster” which includes “to roar and be tumultuous, as wind” as one meaning. That description could also fit someone who is in a grand stage of inebriation, as in “roaring drunk.”

The weather certainly seems not to know what it is supposed to do. This morning I woke up with the temperature being quite cool but there was only a faint wind when I went for a walk, then before finishing my walk the clouds seemed to break, followed by a light rain that hovered over me for about my final six blocks. Just a few minutes ago as I finished some research at the library, I came outside to very gusty (blustery?) winds which made things quite chilly.

Outside now, the sun is shining and some blue is showing in the sky but the weather service forecast includes a slight chance of snow, mostly north of Interstate 10. I live just two blocks south of I-10 so I don’t fully trust that the weather knows whether to stay put at an artificial boundary or not. The latter would be my conjecture.

With a five-day hiatus from my part-time G-man job, I have tried to get a bit of work done in my writing occupation. For that, I feel I have accomplished something but it will be Monday at least before I am able to mail (or e-mail) a query to a regional magazine about a story idea. That, however, is much better than I have been progressing lately. But after all is done in a short time later, I intend to curl up with a good book, perhaps watch Monk episodes and just wait to see what happens. Now is that a plan, I ask you?

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