A rise in intelligence

At least some of the Southeast Texas area will see a collective rise in their IQs as Houston rock station Rock 103.7 no longer airs the Walton and Johnson show in the mornings.

This hideous waste of air time that passes for entertainment is going to a new right-wing news talk station in Houston. Good riddance. The show which is about as funny as a Hummer dealership in Darfur had taken the morning spot post Stevens and Pruitt at what was once KLOL-FM before it changed format to an Espanol station. Stevens and Pruitt were rude and talented where Walton and Johnson was just — pathetic. But I suppose I should tell you how I really feel.

Now if Rock 103.7’s Wendy Miller would just STFU (the first definition) for a little while. Miller is one of the best “on-air personalities” in the area but she talks just a bit too much. No, make that way too much.

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