A sign from above

Today I have been having all kinds of computer trouble. Actually, it’s all kind of tech services trouble with Verizon Wireless. How many Verizon Wireless customer service techs does it take to fix your Internet problem? Well, today it was three.

Or “tree” as they say down here in the bayou country. Which reminds me:

I went into this little convenience store they have a few of here in the Cajun part of Southeast “a.k.a. Cajun” Texas. It is a place they call Crawdad’s. Why they call it Crawdad’s instead of Crawfish’s, which is what we call the possessive of mudbugs when we don’t call ’em mudbugs that we don’t necessarily possess, I am not certain.

Anyway, I go into the store and there is a sign that says:

“Fish for Lent.”

Along comes this ol’ boy who I think has been working way, way back in the swamps. I think he might have had about 14 beer too many before lunch and was headed on the way toward another dozen before it was time to knock off work.

He stared at the sign and stopped a minute.

“Tell you what boss,” he said looking at me with a mixture of seriousness and confusion, “I’ll eat any kind of ol’ fish: catfish, redfish, tuna fish, grouper fish or even gar they got. But I don’t think I can go with that fish that be lent. I ‘spec I’m just gonna have to convince those folks to sell me up a mess.”

“Amen, to that.”

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