A tale of two unexpected sums of money

Two funny things happened to me today involving money.

The first was this afternoon when I was walking in the parking lot of a large discount store. I saw this incredibly wadded up piece of green and white. It turned out to be a $5 bill.

Now some might have gone looking for the person who dropped it. So you stop everyone you see at ****** and ask them: “Did you lose a $5 bill?” You probably will find the “person who lost it” on the first try. So, to prevent some person from telling a lie and harming their karma, I decided to put the fiver in my wallet. That is where it resides at this very moment.

This morning I received what appeared to be a check in the mail. It turns out it was a bank draft from a Dallas company that buys oil and gas minerals and royalties. The company had a specific piece of mineral property that they wanted to buy, but they also wanted all my minerals and royalties in that county and were willing to pay me the price of $165.

Now first of all, the mineral wealth I inherited from my mother is not and has never been a major amount of jack. In the last few years, I have been lucky to make $200 a year off of oil and gas royalties. But that amount came from one or two separate wells — not from all the little pieces of mineral rights I own. So do the math.

Both instances of what happened to me today are funny. One is funny in a ha-ha, fortuitous sort of way, that be my finding a five-spot. The other is funny in the way of reading about someone suing McDonald’s for spilling hot coffee on themselves. It’s more like, isn’t it funny how many weasels there are out there.

I probably should give that $5 to charity. But I won’t. I will give more than $5 to charity sometime in the future when the notion strikes me. But it probably won’t be that five dollars. What a way to start the weekend.

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