A virtual U.N. of cool

Num Perc. Country Name
drill down 48 64.00% United States United States
drill down 6 8.00% United Kingdom United Kingdom
drill down 4 5.33% France France
drill down 3 4.00% Norway Norway
drill down 3 4.00% Unknown
drill down 2 2.67% South Africa South Africa
drill down 1 1.33% Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
drill down 1 1.33% Bahamas Bahamas
drill down 1 1.33% Turkey Turkey
drill down 1 1.33% Mauritius Mauritius
drill down 1 1.33% Sweden Sweden
drill down 1 1.33% Switzerland Switzerland
drill down 1 1.33% Canada Canada
drill down 1 1.33% Netherlands Netherlands
drill down 1 1.33% Belgium Belgium

As I have mentioned before, most of the visitors to this place either wander in or want to read it for whatever reason. So the information gathered from StatCounter about from where my visitors originate is not a cause for ego inflation as much it is for my own pure amazement. And, the geek that I have always been, I always thought flags of different nations were cool. This is from where my last 100 visitors came while they were sitting in their dark, dank rooms half-to-pukin
g-on-their-shoes drunk and wondering why the site they Googled for some kind of porn turned out to be my blog. It beats the hell out of me, but I sure like the variety of flags.

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