Ah … spring. All is right

Work had me driving yesterday in swampy terrain near Orangefield in Orange County. That’s in Texas, son. I hadn’t given much thought that spring was officially just around the corner.

Recent rains which had replenished badly needed moisture lost from our extended drought had also left roadside ditches full of water, a thought I pondered upon until I got on the country road where I was going. Then, like a 50-pound ox hammer — if such exists — it hit me. Crap on a cracker! it’s spring time.

It might be a week away from that infernal Equinox but just the same it is spring or my name isn’t Mr. Loofah Twaddlethorn. The grass and the growing leaves up upon the bottomland hardwood, illuminated by the sunshine, were of that hue of green that you can’t quite put your finger upon because you aren’t sure if it really exists. It’s sort of a hallucinogenic color of green. Or so I’ve been told.

The flowers are beginning to bloom, both those wild-growing weeds and those that were planted by the lady down the road. You know, the one with the house that appears as if it is a Southern fortress ringed with the brightest, prettiest azaleas and camellias you’ve seen in maybe 30 minutes.

And other manifestations of spring seem to be gripping me as time wears on toward an official change of seasons.

I feel worthless. That’s not to say I feel particularly bad. In fact, I may feel a bit better than normal. I just don’t feel like doing anything except to kick back and let the sunshine (in).

As well, and this might bring some disgust to someone who knows that I am a geezer-in-training, I noticed pretty girls, women-type-folks, with their skin exposed a might more than has been the norm. And even that which is unexposed all walks with a particularly fascinating perpetual motion. Yes, and it made me feel good. Me, the grumpy old man who sometimes writes sentences that are too long.

Spring. A young man’s fancy turns to love, or what’s love got to do with it. And maybe an old(er) man’s fancy turning to living and what’s life got to do with it. And I think I fancy taking a nap.