Alas my life is so difficult because I have a computer

This is not me.

Rather, the picture is not of me but it could be. It could be if I were about 25 years younger and had hair and a facelift. Nonetheless, the he in the photo kind of represents the me who is sitting here typing this. This is because I am sitting here at the laptop after having to load everything under the sun it seems on my “new” computer.

This is not really a new computer. There is no way in hell I could afford a new computer unless I stole it, which is wrong and against the law. So I am in possession of a free IBM Think Pad, so generously given and shipped to me by my friend Bruce who truly knows a friend in need when he sees one. He is one of those few, kind souls in my life who have not given up on me (like someone whom I will not name and whom I doubt reads this page anymore) when I had a little setback in life. It is a magnificent gift though, Bruce, and many thanks.

My friend loaded the computer before he shipped it to me with Windows 2000, which I have the discs for in my desktop that is in storage and my now crapped out Armada. I realized that I still had software for Windows 2000 while looking in storage for other software. That is really neither here nor there. But I have a buttload of other upgrades and service packs and programs to load such as Adobe Reader, which told me I couldn’t load it until Service Pack 2 was loaded so I loaded Service Pack 2 and it told me I couldn’t load it until Service Pack 1 was loaded. Who knew?

But alas and alack, a little bit of hassle is a small price to pay when you paid nothing for the source of the hassle. If that makes sense.

Make no mistake, I am not griping. I am merely pointing out that owning even a used computer is not what the uninitiated — those who until the last couple of years never loaded any software onto anything — thinks about using computers. Why, you should be able to turn it on and everything works effortlessly and with warp speed. Ha! That is my little observation lacking any wisdom whatsoever, for today. Back to downloading service packs!

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