Almost New Years. Will we see the return of the goobers to DC?

Happy New Year’s Eve’s Eve. Eve is one of those funny palindromes that you just  want to put another letter up front or in back or somewhere another to let it die a slow, dignified death. Even or never. Tit for tat. Uh hum.

Tomorrow is the last day of the fiscal year for the federal government and probably a few other governments. So as we bid FY 10 farewell what do we do except shiver at the thought of FY 11? If you are a federal employee you might hope that some of the Republican congressional members fail to carry through with their threat of shutting down the government to bargain on the health care reform passed this FY. I suppose it hinges upon how successful the GOP is in taking half or all of Congress in the November elections. That is beginning to look less than a done deal than it was earlier in the “silly season.”

More so than in past election cycles, it seems that, especially the cable news media, have whipped up the polling and the popularity and the disgust into some kind of frenzy that left untouched could result in a self-fulfilling prophecy. There is no doubt Fox News has had a direct hand in this frenzy, being pretty much the sponsor of the Tea Party. Then, the other cable companies had to join in and make the doom and gloom of current government look even  more doomier and gloomier. It is just a thought, all except for Fox. They are responsible for making the Tea Party what it is. They have also given beau coup dollars to the Republicans. That is undisputed. Unless you believe there is a difference between Fox News and its owners News Corp.

But the Republicans are going full tilt ahead. They’ve even got their Contract Blah Blah that they ripped off from the 1994 GOP edition. These were, of course, the same bunch of goobers who shut down the government the last time. These GOP goobers in office and who wannabe elected — real fruitcakes like Christine O’Donnell and Sharron Angle — mistake conservatism with sloth and a lack of imagination. They feel as if they can get elected or reelected then they don’t have to do anything and they can just tout themselves as Newt II or the Return of Newt, even though it will likely be Boehner or Boner, which seems more apt. When saying the GOP won’t do anything once elected, that means anything except perhaps try to outlaw Islam and perhaps homosexuality.

Whether FY ’11 turns out to be a great year for the Empire and for its federal peons remains to be seen. It all depends on whether the electorate decides to let the present majorities continue their work or to replace them with a bunch of lazy goobers led by (Heaven Help Us) Speaker Boner and Majority Leader Mitch (You Can Tell I’m Lying Because My Mouth Is Moving) McConnell. Hap hap happy new yeeeeaaaar!!!