An anchor for the ages

A sub for Coop?

Almost as boring as celebrity news for me is news about celebrity news people. I mean, I am pretty ambivalent about Anderson Cooper replacing Aaron Brown in his CNN time spot. While I thought Brown had his moments, he too often reminded me of some of the horse’s asses I have had as editors who asked questions just to hear the sound of their own voice.

And Cooper? I think he is vastly overrated. He is an okay journalist. But one has to ask: Would a TV journalist who is just okay be the next biggest thing in TV news if his mother’s initials weren’t Gloria Vanderbilt? Perhaps that is unfair. If so, sorry Coop.

Then today, word comes down that Judy Miller and The New York Times are parting ways. Who cares? I have to admit I felt a little taken in by Judy’s righteous battle over the 1st Amendment. But it turns out her saga really doesn’t sound all that appealing.

In this day and age of Internet and blog and podcast and the electric bugaloo (wait, where did that come from?) it seems like all journalists, bloggers and the would-bees on either side do is snipe at each other. It seems like a terrible waste of talent and brain power, not to mention hot air.

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