An étouffée kind of day

What is it about certain days that bring on cravings for particular dishes? I’ve got my mind on étouffée and these thoughts will surely not disappear until after I cook and stuff myself with this wonderful entree.

Although I love Cajun food, I have not cooked a lot of such dishes until recently when I moved back to Cajun Texas. It’s laziness, I suppose and on these hot days I want to just get in the kitchen and get out. But I did find a recipe for étouffée that I decided to try and it was so good it would make you slap your grandma. That’s just an expression for shock value. I would have never slapped my grandma although my dad, her son-in-law, was surely tempted on a number of occasions.

I found the recipe on a Web site called The Gumbo Pages and found it is an excellent site to read up on Cajun culture and cuisine. I chose the shrimp étouffée route over crawfish because I am a lazy slob and would rather be drowned in a roux than have to go to more than one grocery store per shopping excursion. And to find decent crawfish tails — at a decent price — around here would mean I would have to actually shop, God forbid.

It was an enlightening experience deciding which étouffée recipe to choose. I settled on the Marc Savoy variety, although as I said I used shrimp rather than crawfish. I say enlightening because I never really gave much thought about what went into étouffée. But it is a relatively simple dish to cook and if done correctly pays off in a meal in which your taste buds will perform cartwheels and perhaps roll over and play dead for more!

Fortunately, the first time I made the étouffée I hit a ringer. I don’t always do that trying something new. Hopefully, I will be able to duplicate those results later this evening. If you don’t hear from me again you will know something didn’t go right. I know this is a dangerous mission but somebody’s got to do it. So wish me luck! Thank you. Thankyouverymuch.

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