And P.S.

I wanted to clarify something about what I posted previously on there being no guarantee I would post your comments. The primary reason was because I think it is sleazy for someone to write into your blog, says it looks cool and then say: “check out my commercial Web site for mortgage loans!, etc.”

Also, I have no problem with instant comments from my friends or other thoughtful people after reading something I write. That said, I have become very disturbed these days with the knee-jerk commentary that the Internet has spawn. You see it most markedly in places such as on the Yahoo news pages. The comments are a steady stream of barely literate individuals who react more because of what propaganda they have been fed from one side of the political spectrum or the other than of any intellectual analysis of an argument.

As much as I think people who write letters to the editors of newspapers are sometimes assholes, (hey I’ve written letters too, so I guess that makes me one) I feel it gives a little time and distance in order to properly frame and reason a response to an opinion. I’m sorry, I just don’t think “you suck” makes a very compelling argument. Hey, I’m guilty as the rest. But someone has to make a stand.

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