Ann Curry to get $10 million for leaving. Heck, I could leave for $5 million.

Every now and then I read Fox News stories on the Web but not that often. That is because if I wanted news served up by a right-wing propaganda outfit I would sign up for any number of sites dedicated to making this nation a much drearier place. With that said, I did find kind of an interesting story on the Fox Web that says NBC plans to pay Ann Curry $10 million to leave the “Today” show.

If I was Ann, which I’m not, I’d take the money and leave faster than the speed of sound, light and tachyons rolled up in one. That’d be pretty danged quick, main.*

Curry is a well-respected journalist although she hasn’t set the world on fire since taking over for Meredith Vieira about a year ago. The No. 1 network morning show has had falling ratings of late, reportedly, due to Curry lacking chemistry and the skills needed for the particular program. Others say, however, that the show is just “tired” and sometimes a bit too into itself.

Here I am, not even making ends meet and I am discussing the plight of the “Today” show and what its future holds. I know that we’re talking about Ann Curry leaving, but I too can leave with the best of them and I sure as hell could leave in a grand manner for $10 million or maybe half that. Curry may become a foreign correspondent for NBC after leaving the show. I would, as well, probably head for foreign lands if someone would give me $10 million. Some island-nation in the Caribbean or South Pacific sounds good although I’ve already been to Fiji and was not all that impressed.

I wish Curry the best. I probably would see more of her on TV were she a foreign correspondent instead of an anchor on “Today.” I’ve watched the show practically all my life, but it isn’t what I watch in the a.m. these days. Right now, I don’t have a favorite and switch back and forth through the Weather Channel, CNN, the CBS morning show, and Joe Scarborough. And while I might not be TV person and personality of Curry’s stature, I think I might give her a good run for her money in the area of leaving. Pay me $10 million and I was out of here yesterday.

 *The Southern drawl equivalent of “man” or Jamaican “mon.”

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