Another broke vacation? Not if you hit that little button at the end.

My Blackberry from work has lost its mind, literally, so I have to send it away to the tech folks. That’s not so bad but I also have to send my work computer along with it. That’s not so bad because I decided with my computer away, I can’t really do much at work, so I am taking a vacation beginning Saturday and ending a week from Monday. My boss signed off on it. That’s not so bad.

I wouldn’t be of envy to all workers but the fact that I have 17 days vacation on the books is quite a bit when you consider I work an average of 26 hours a week. My vacation, leave as we call it, is accounted for in hours. Thus when you say you have almost 140 hours that seems laden with a smidgen more heft. I don’t work every day. I don’t always work 8 hours a day. So when I take vacation, it is added on to days off and hours that I do not work. It makes me feel at least a little better that I am not making a pile of moolah.

What is bad is that this unexpected vacation will coincide with a time of little expendable dollars. I’ve got to do some fund-raising. Maybe I should do like the Obama campaign and hit up everyone I can think of for $3-$5. Just $3.” Please sir, I want some more.”

Hit that donation button boys and girls, men and women, dogs and cats! I need me some vacation money so maybe I can go, to the big H-E-B store and buy something to eat. I don’t have money to go anywhere, so I guess I am going to catch up on my sleep, catch up on my reading and maybe try to find a freelance gig or two. Where is that tropical storm, by the way?

Oh well, I think I will eat a hot dog. It’s not good for me. But it’s cheap and I’m so broke I can’t pay attention. Or like my Daddy used to say: “If trains were selling for a dime a dozen, I wouldn’t even have the change to buy the echo of a whistle.”

You thought I might end this with “That’s not so bad?

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