Another week another month. Here there and everywhere.

A month of medical appointments and physical therapy face me in this following month. Physical therapy is scheduled for 3 times per week for four weeks. I have the first appointment in an hour. I am so enthused.  Several clinics at the VA hospital in Houston each day during the next three weeks are also on my list although these clinics are ones I have mostly waited on for quite a few months. I also see my neurologist who has become like a second primary physician, if you will.

The last few weeks have been stressful, and ultimately sad. My older brother Robert, died last week at a young 66 years old. It was unexpected, I guess one could say. He had been sick but was on the liver transplant list. During the past couple of weeks in hospitals, his body just shut down on him and he suffered a couple of heart attacks. Physicians tried to save him with emergency heart surgery, but it didn’t work. His wife and children had a nice memorial service for him on Sunday at his Methodist church as he had been cremated.

It is difficult dealing with his loss and I don’t know if the fact that he is gone has set in just yet. Time will tell, I suppose. It’s been some 25 years since my parents passed away. My Dad died in June and Mother in the following April. I don’t suppose one ever gets over the death of a relative or close friend.

Right now, I am a bit sleepy. I haven’t slept well recently but I got a fairly nice rest yesterday and overnight. I am ready for my knee to heal. I’ve been ready. For now, I must get ready for physical therapy. Joy.