Bad days are still bad but ice is cool

Let’s talk about something else. Let’s not talk about what happened at that theater in Aurora, Colo., or the guy who made himself look like a poor imitation of Carrot Top.

I say that not to be a “happy news” type. I have reported enough bad news in my life. I have seen enough bad news to boot. I have my opinions on guns. Like Chris Wall’s great song, “Give me Jack Daniels whiskey and something to shoot.” Take it whatever way you want.

Let’s not talk about Penn State. Or State Pen for that matter.

As I rode back from training with my cohorts on Friday we digested the bad news out of Aurora and spoke of many other subjects such as high school football which is on the horizon in our area. It’s not life. It’s a part of life. That is just as Penn State football should be held in thought.

Let’s not even talk about the idiot leader of Syria. He has warned that he will use chemical and biological weapons if his country is attacked. Real weapons of mass destruction — not the imaginary kind that had our nation’s armed forces subjected to death and destruction in Iraq — has no business in this day and age. Some might make the same argument about the ability to possess so-called “assault rifles” but I said I wouldn’t speak of this topic.

What does that leave me to speak of on this day of topics of which I shall not speak?


Ice, baby, ice.

My fridge makes ice like a homma domma. I have six ice trays and have yet to run short of ice since living in my tiny, tiny extended stay hotel/apartment for almost a month now. There is a lot to be said for not running short of ice, especially when a bag a day was not unusual during past times. Happy days are here again.

Ice. Is having plenty of ice a major reason for celebration in days of such darkness? Well, partially it is. But it certainly helps put an ice lover in a loving mood. Ice plus water on a hot day makes for a drink like no other. Ice can keep bottles of pop or Gatorade or beer at just the right temperature. One must also realize that a vodka tonic without ice is like a day without sunshine, or a screwdriver without orange juice, if you are so disposed.

Ice is frozen water. It is such simplicity. It is such good over evil. I would be happy to talk about ice all day but I happen to be enjoying an iced drink at the moment.

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