Be careful with your surprise Karl

Karl Rove’s October surprise may be at hand.

A lot of what ifs are circulating about the blogosverse over a potential “October surprise” that Karl Rove may engineer for Republicans during next month’s mid-term elections. The speculation has run the gamut from near-hysterical — nuking Iran or declaring martial law in the U.S. — to the mundane.

If I were a psychic I would tell you what surprise, if any, Rove and friends might pull out of their hat. Of course, if I were a psychic, I would wait for a big lottery jackpot and go buy a ticket.

All I hope is that the GOP and Rove do not try something stupid. It’s one thing to be desperate to win at politics. It’s another to do real harm. After all, hasn’t the present ruling government done enough harm?

PS In case you are wondering, that is Flat Stanley in Rove’s hand in the above photo. Don’t ask me.

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