Blogger fixes its image problems

Pretty cool house in the neighborhood

Blogger was having some issues with its new Blogger Image feature. Since Sunday I was unable to post photos from my computer and most of the time was unable to post from the Web. But I found out on Blogger Forum this morning that I was not alone. After testing as well as just now receiving two e-mails replying to my two e-mails to Blogger about my problems, the issue appears fixed.

This did get me to try out yet another pic site, Buzznet, on which you can upload pictures then copy html code to post to your blog that gets the photo there. I kind of like that. But the relatively new Blogger Image is just the best because it’s like one-stop shopping. I had to visit Flickr and FotoFlix while Blogger Image was down. I liked Hello from Picasa, but it apparently doesn’t do Windows NT. Hey, that sounds like I know something about computers! I know how to turn them on and off. Those are my strong points.

I thought that to celebrate the return of Blogger Image to its old self I would share a pic of the McFaddin-Ward home, which is about six blocks down the street. I lived closer to it when I lived in Beaumont before. I still haven’t visited the home, which is kind of a museum to old rich white folks during the time the Spindletop gusher blew in across town more than 100 years ago and started the nation’s modern oil industry. Maybe we can start a collective farm on the grounds. Just kidding!

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