Blues in the oldest town in Tejas

Greetings from the “Oldest Town in Texas.” That would be Nacogdoches, what I call my “second hometown,” since I spent more than 15 years living there in three different lives. Well, one life but three different … whatever. I am in town on business. That is much better than saying I am in town goofing off, which is what I am doing right now although officially I am taking a lunch break.

The past weekend was rather turbulent for me and it appears my attempt at a romantic relationship at age 52 has hit the rocks and left me … whatever. Whatever is kind of the mood I am in today. That is why it was nice driving up here to Nac on a cloudy Monday through the pine forests of East Texas, alone with my thoughts and hearing a few good country songs on the radio. Country music, not always my favorite but sometimes is, owes much of its origins to the blues. That is why country can make you feel better when you are down because your woman cheated on you. Ditto the blues. Don’t ask me how that works. You hear something depressing and it is supposed to make you feel better. I suppose it is because misery loves company, or so goes the saying.

Oh well, I mustn’t tarry too long here in the Nac PL. I got a few places to go before I have my appointments for work. Hope the drive back to Beaumont is just as serene, perhaps a bit happier.

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