Brand Pritt goes snip-snip

I less than do not care that Brangelina just had a baby in Namibia. I mean, good for them. But it is not like little Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt is the first baby to be born ever.

But always on the lookout for something to ridicule, I came across a story about how new dad Brad Pitt cut the umbilical cord. That also isn’t the first time it has ever happened. But the fact that he was signing autographs in the delivery room while doing it … That story led to this story from the Tanzania Standard that looks at angle of the Brangelina birth as a mechanism to boost tourism in Namibia. I have to admit that’s something I would have never considered.

“Come to Newborn, Ga., to have your newborn. It’ll be just peachy.”

I was a bit confused reading the Tanzanian online article and couldn’t figure out why at first. Finally, it dawned on me. The first mention of Pitt is, well, in this sentence:

“By law Shiloh Nouvel — the daughter of Ms Jolie and Brand Pritt — will be entitled to Namibian citizenship.”

Two paragraphs later it is Mr. Pitt rather than Mr. Brand Pritt. Two paragraphs after that it still is Mr. Pitt. But in the next paragraph:

“Mr. Pritt, who was together with Ms Jolie throughout the holiday, is also a Hollywood celebrity.”

Apparently, a lot of people in Tanzania don’t see Brand Pritt in the movies.

I also found it interesting that the Namibian tourism minister said the Pitt-Jolies have decided that Shiloh Nouvel will only have citizenship from Namibia and not a dual citizenship. I’ve not seen that reported elsewhere although that doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Nevertheless, the baby will apparently be offered a Namibian passport which I am sure will come in handy some day.

Okay little Shiloh Nouvel, just close your eyes and tap your heels together three times and think to yourself: There’s no place like home, There’s no place like home…”

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