“Busy as a bong on Willie Nelson’s bus.”

There is no need mentioning that I have been quite lax in writing in (or is it on?) my blog.

Part of the reason is that I have been busier than a bong on Willie Nelson’s bus. Part of it is work. My office is down to just me after as many as three people had been staffed out of it. It’s a long story. There is nothing to get upset about. You do all of the work you can do until you can’t do any more.

The medical side of my life has also been busy. I’ve had trouble sleeping. My neck hurts more than it has. My lower back pain has increased in pain by twos. To top all of this off, I have cataracts. My sight hasn’t been too hot, it is horrible at night. I see “starburst” halos on all lights that make it difficult to see where you are going. After finally getting to see an optometrist who seems to know what she is doing as well as consulting with an ophthalmologist, I have been scheduled to have cataract surgery almost three weeks from now. My left eye will go first. I haven’t heard about the right eye yet. I’m hoping it will be done fairly soon to have some stable eyesight. We’ll see how it goes.

I am also enrolling in a VA weight and wellness program. I need it. I have been successful with diets in the past. But chronic pain cut the walking I did every day with an occasional hike. I really miss that. I doubt I can get back to what I consider as “normal” weight. That is about 190-195 lbs. That is about 90-95 lbs. away.

In past times, when I was younger, I lost weight primarily to feel better and to look better. I would like to look better, although that is not a primary concern at 61. I definitely would like to feel better.

So, there is an update of my life. We shall see what happens. I have never been good at New Year’s resolution, maybe I will make one this year. If not, it is a personal resolution, to write more. Get a book done. Find a place to live. Get a dog. Maybe a cat.

That all sounds reasonable, right?B