Call me up in dreamland

Okay, here is a weird dream I have for you.

Last night I dreamed I was drunk and called up my old girlfriend Vicki. You know the one. Vicki “It’s not you it’s me. On second thought it is you.” That Vicki. I couldn’t make sense of the call. That is the one aspect of the dream that does make sense, of course. I was drunk in the dream.

I do remember from being drunk and calling Vicki in my dream that she did not seemed too pleased by my call. Huh. Imagine that. I was chastised not only by Vicki but by Doc. Vicki is married to a doctor now, but it was not that doc. It was my friend Doc, who is a college professor. I wondered what he was doing there. But even though I don’t know for sure if Vicki and my friend Doc know each other it is an entirely plausible scenario. Not only is it plausible, I would even say it is likely Doc and Vicki know each other because we once ran in similar circles. Also,they both live in a pretty small town.

What is really strange is that when I woke up, I wondered if I had actually made that call. I kind of had to shake the cobwebs loose inside my brain to realize that I had not been drunk last night. And although I am not particularly predisposed to sleepwalking or such activity, I wasn’t sure if I had made a call in my sleep. I checked both phones later and fortunately neither indicated I had dialed a peculiar number in that area code.

Who knows the reasons for dreams such as they are. Maybe I’m cracking under pressure. Or maybe it was the power of suggestion. A couple of weeks ago I was sitting at a party listening to several young women who were talking about their “reaching out” on the phone during times of drunkenness when they were in college. It had only been a few years ago for most of these particular women.

I won’t sit here and say that I’ve never called up an ex-girlfriend when I have had a drink or three. I’ve also had ex-girlfriends and friends, both male and female, call me up at ungodly hours after they’ve been drinking heavily. While certainly an annoying practice, you must admit it makes sense.

Getting shit-faced is at its best a social activity. When you are removed from people and are inebriated it can be lonely. It’s pretty simple actually.

I have had dreams about being drunk before. I’ve also had dreams about calling people on the telephone before. But never the two together. Jeez. I sure hope I don’t dream about having a hangover. Or even worse, I would hate to dream that I have a head-banging hangover and have a loud phone ringing at the same time. That would really suck.

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