Censored once again

Hello again. Back at the public library computer also known as the computer N*zi. I don’t know if the program that nannifies this system will let me say the word N*zi. Well, I just published and saw that it doesn’t let me use the entire word, all that is left when one types the name of Adolf’s old party is a big blank chunk. It isn’t surprising. I’ve seen a lot more benign words get zapped. The latest, or rather, one of the latest annoyances is that the system will not let me read my Yahoo mail. My inbox undoubtedly has some word in one of the message subjects that the program finds offensive so I just get this “Cannot find server” message. Blah, blah, blah. And then the system is not letting me read local news outlets. Once again, just can’t find that old server. It’s more like, it doesn’t want to find it. I don’t know why that is. They (the city) really needs to get a grip. I’ve had a long, tiresome, not always enjoyable day today so the last thing I need to do here before starting the weekend is to melt down from some idiotic do-good computer system. F**k it. Happy weekend.

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