CNN: Off the deep end

Where goes Bill Hemmer?

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I think the executives at CNN have totally gone around the bend. Because of the need to watch expenses, I don’t get CNN on cable anymore but I understand morning anchor Bill Hemmer is being replaced by Miles O’Brien in joining the show’s co-host Soledad O’Brien (no relation). O’Brien and O’Brien. Sounds like the setup for an Irish joke. The official explanation was CNN wanted to make the show “newsier.” Okay. I like Miles O’Brien. He is one of the funnier TV news guys and a whiz at explaining technological stories. It took me awhile to warm up to Soledad, but I thought she was doing just great with Hemmer and Jack Cafferty, the show’s resident curmudgeon.

I’m sure CNN bigwigs think they know what is best for whipping the Fox Network, which continues to bedevil them and me for one. But I am not sure they are right. CNN misuses good news talent. Hemmer is one of the best network TV anchors and reporters going these days. I am hoping CNN will realize one day their decision comes back and bites them in the ass. Hopefully, it will be too late and Bill Hemmer will have a good gig where he gets the proper respect he deserves.

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