Come on in and have a seat

Katie Couric sitting down, thankfully, in a helicopter. (Photo: CBS/Nicolla Hewitt)

Katie Couric continues to tweak her evening newscast at CBS. Yesterday, she sat on the edge of her desk while introducing a concluding light piece on longtime Penn State coach Joe Paterno.

Now I have to admit that I rather like Katie sitting on the edge of her desk although I wish she had been wearing a skirt rather than pants. Sorry, she does have some pretty awesome legs.

But I am just a bit concerned as to how this pose challenges the seriousness that an anchor has to convey. As I have written before I am a bit hopeful that Katie will grow into the necessary gravitas for the job. Since her desk-sitting was for a final, light-hearted story for the day, perhaps it was appropriate. I don’t know. I’m not a TV critic, nor do I play one on TV. I guess if the majority of the viewers think it is good for Katie to sit on the edge of her desk, then I say by all means she should go for it.

Jeez, it really sucks getting old.

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