Conceit can be neat

“Out of the way, wretched tootsie. Make way for a REAL beauty.

Someone once asked: Why conceited mannequins? Well, no one actually asked me about the vain mannequins. But I am sure someone at some time somewhere somehow asked such a question — in some way. Isn’t it possible?

Mannequins, while sometime appearing whimsical, most times bleed narcissistic blood. It is their job for the world to be about them. They have no other purpose in life other than saying: “Hey look at me!” Or perhaps, “Hey look at me and the great duds I am wearing!”

In their plastic world, superbia is not one of the Seven Deadly Sins, for their world has no right and no wrong. Neither does their world have any logic, reasoning or compassion.

Why conceited mannequins? Why not? Give me a reason or give me your money. You may even give me both although you cannot give me a reason through PayPal. You can, ahem, give me money through PayPal.

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