Congress returns to the pineywoods

It seems U.S. Rep. Kevin Brady, R-The Woodlands, is taking a page from the playbook of an old master. That old master would be Charlie Wilson. Brady, the five-term congressman whose district covers Deep East Texas, this week launched his new “Eighth District Mobile office.” It is a recreational vehicle that will carry his caseworkers to different communities throughout the district.

“The best service is convenient service. I want to make sure my staff and I are available to help people with their problems wherever they live,” said Brady, in a news release.”

Do the constituents get fries with that?

Charlie Wilson had a mobile office for a number of the 20-some-odd years he represented the same general area in Congress. I didn’t read that Brady will actually be traveling on the RV, but even so I don’t think Brady could hold a candle to Wilson when it comes to an entertaining RV trip. I once went on a short excursion in the mobile office with Wilson and, I tell you, that guy could tell some tales.

Wilson’s three-time Republican opponent during his last terms in office, an attractive, big-haired blonde named Donna Peterson of Orange, Texas, tried to make an issue out of the mobile office. Her campaign ran TV ads portraying the RV as a rolling party.

Maybe Brady, who recently was slapped on the wrist for a DUI in South Dakota, will turn the RV into a party on wheels. Hey, there’s nothing like constituent service.

Somehow though, I don’t think a movie will ever be made about Brady with Tom Hanks portraying him, as the actor will play Wilson in the upcoming film version of “Charlie Wilson’s War.”

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