Congressman Carbuncle strikes again

One of the least appealing portions of modern-day politics to me is the abject silliness that is projected by the parties. For example, the recent hoopla over the MoveOn.Org ad that suggested Gen. David Petraeus was betraying his country by giving a report to Congress on Iraq that was favorable to the Bush administration’s position. Was such an attack stupid? Absolutely. Should a clever party hack try to capitalize off such an obvious mistake in judgement? Yes, but to a point. Am I trying to sound like Donald Rumsfeld? No I certainly am not trying but it regrettably is coming out that way.

The point is that the parties just keep saying the same damn thing over and over and over until you want to put a .357 hollow point through your TV screen. Enough already.

So the latest stupid political comment which is and will be hammered as long as possible comes from our old friend Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., the waste of legislative space that “Slate” media critic Jack Shafer called “an exploding carbuncle masquerading as a member of Congress.”

King, who is the homeland security adviser to the Rudy Giuliani presidential campaign, is in hot water over a comment he made in which he said there were “too many mosques” in the U.S.

Now granted King’s comment will likely not trigger such emotion from the Republicans as MoveOn’s idiocy inflamed both Democrats and Republicans alike. But it is a very stupid thing for a U.S. congressman to say anytime and especially these days. And that is no matter if his remarks were taken out of context, which he and most politicians say when something stupid comes from their lips, or they were not.

Predictably and rightly, the Democratic National Convention, has issued a statement saying Guiliani should fire King and that the congressman should apologize.

“This type of bigoted language has no place in public discourse, especially from the Republican’s top lawmaker on the House Homeland Security Committee,” said Democratic National Committee press secretary Stacie Paxton.

The Democrats went on to say that King should be boiled in oil, dipped in batter and fed to hungry orphans in Darfur. Only kidding.

Would I like to see something help put Rudy the Walking Ego in a negative light? You bet. Would I like to see Peter King exiled to Mexico City? Damn right. But I would much rather see the two parties talking something about issues and trying to fix what’s wrong with this freaking country! Of course, I know what they say about wishes …

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